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Supreme Cat Show at the NEC Birmingham November 2017

The Supreme Cat Show.
Organised every year by the world’s oldest cat registry, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, or GCCF, and takes place every November at the NEC Birmingham. Special awards of UK Champion and Supreme Champion can be earned at this show only. A cat wins each show’s “Best In Show” award.

Non-pedigree and pedigree pet cats.
Non-pedigree cats and pedigree pet cats are also permitted to enter the Supreme Cat Show. They can also compete for the same levels of title as the pedigree cats but these are for “Master Cat” titles as opposed to “Champion” and “Premier” ones. They then go on to compete to win the title of Supreme Non-Pedigree or Supreme Pedigree Pet Cat. Classes are also included for kittens, with both non pedigree and pedigree pet kittens competing for the title of Supreme Household Pet Kitten.

Show structure
Unlike other shows, the GCCF’s Supreme Show has no miscellaneous or club classes; it does, however, have classes other shows dont. There are four Adult Open classes for each championship status breed: Champion Male and Female classes for full Champions, the winners being eligible for Grand Challenge Certificates and Pre-Champion Male and Female classes for cats with one or two Certificates, competing for Challenge Certificates. The same applies to the neuter classes which are split into Premier and Pre-Premier classes for males and females.

Cats which are already Grand Champions do not compete in these classes but in special classes for Grand Champions, Imperial Grand Champions, UK Grand Champions and UK & Imperial Grand Champions only, the winner being eligible for a UK Grand Challenge Certificate. Grand Premiers, Imperial Grand Premiers, UK Grand Premiers and UK & Imperial Grand Premiers compete for a UK Grand Premier Certificate. In these classes several breeds may compete together. UK Grand Certificates are only awarded at the Supreme Show; two such Certificates from different judges give the cat the title of UK Grand Champion/Premier or UK & Imperial Grand Champion/Premier if it has additionally gained that title. There is no Reserve UK Grand Challenge/Premier Certificate.

Best of Breed winners at the Supreme Show do not get certificates but compete against the other BOB winners in their section for Best of Variety.

The seven Best of Variety Adults (Persian, Semi-Longhair, British, Foreign, Burmese, Oriental and Siamese) compete for Supreme Adult, the seven kittens for Supreme Kitten and the seven neuters for Supreme Neuter. The Supreme Adult and the Neuter can add the coveted word ‘Supreme’ to their title.

Finally, the Supreme Adult, Supreme Kitten and Supreme Neuter compete against each other for the honour of being judged Supreme Exhibit.

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Cat Experts Reveal the Meaning Behind Your Cats Meow

Interpret You Cats Meow

Although there isn’t a lot of research on cat voices, meow experts — yes, there are some! — say the explanation probably lies in the same complicated mish mash that leads to different human voices: Anatomy, like body size or vocal cord length; gender; the amount of effort the cat puts into talking; and their individual personality. Breed, such as it exists in the average moggie cat, likely also plays a role.

Some basics on cat conversation — or vocalizations, as researchers say they make. In 1944, researcher Mildred Moelk outlined what remains the definitive — though still debated – cat lexicon. She identified 16 sound patterns in three categories, and they include much more than meows. There are the mouth-open, heavy breathing sounds, such as hissing and shrieking, which cats use when they’re feeling aggressive. There are sounds cats make with their mouths closed, such as purrs and trills; those seem to indicate contentedness.
Cats make more typical meow sounds by opening and closing their mouths, and those sounds can be friendly or demanding. But adult cats meow only to humans, not to each other, probably because their mothers stopped responding once they were weaned.

“Cats vocalize so well to us because they’ve learned that we humans are really not all that on the ball in figuring out what the tail swish means, what the ear twitch means,” said Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society and author of “How to Speak Cat.”

But people do respond to cat calls — with their own voices or their can openers — in part because they are charmed by a sound that almost resembles a language, said Nicholas Nicastro, who published two widely-cited studies on meows more than a 10 years ago. But it’s not one, he said.
“It’s clearly not a situation where they’re saying specific things. I have to emphasize that for some people, this is a radical idea. I get people telling me all the time, ‘I know what my cat is telling me,’ ” said Nicastro, who studied whether people could listen to cat sounds and identify the circumstances in which they were made. They could — but only slightly better than half the time.

Cats are “trying to get what they want, or even need. But it’s only language in a very loose sense,” he said.

Researchers have reached only a couple of conclusions about cats’ vocalisations, but they’re interesting ones. One study of South Korean cats found that domesticated felines make shorter and higher-pitched meows than feral cats, suggesting that socialization matters. African wild cats also make lower meows that human subjects surveyed by Nicastro found to be “much less pleasant to listen to” than those of their domesticated descendants, he said. Nicastro — who is now n authort says his meow research was his most attention-getting work — theorized that sweet meows evolved over millenniums as people selected house cats who made nicer noises.

Read more at : http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/cat-experts-reveal-the-meaning-behind-different-meows-a6895251.html

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Cats Playtown Built into a Mans House – Watch Video

A normal house turned into a cats playland.

To keep his 15 rescue cats occupied, home builder Peter Cohen has constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches.

House builder Peter Cohen takes care of 14 cats in Goleta, California
He has spent around $40,000-$50,000 on catwalks so the moggies can play around
Litter box closets are ventilated, and cat fur picked up by five Roomba robotsHe has transformed part of his home into a fantasy feline adventure land.
Peter Cohen, co-founder of Trillium Enterprises, lives in a 3000-square-foot cat castle in Santa Barbara, and has built 150 feet of catwalks, spiral staircases, tunnels, perches and all manner of coo lcat accessories to accommodate his cat companions.
Mr Cohen, who grew up as a dog-lover, turned into a cat fan after he purchased the Goleta, California house in 1988.The property came with two outdoor cats in residence so to speak. However, one cat was killed and the other badly injured after both were hit by cars, so he and his partner decided to adopt a new cat from the local rescue centre to keep the injured pet company.
From that point, they just kept adopting cats, a couple every few years.

He has added a floor to what used to be a 1600-square-foot house and now shares his four-bedroom home with Cheesecake, Charlie, Nutter, Butter, Crumple, Rumple, Cookie, Poppyseed, Mary, Secret, Wasabi, Kiro, Coffee Bean and Donut
The cat lover and his partner Manuel Flores currently only adopt from shelters and try to take cats other people do not want, most often black cats and cats with bent tails.

They have had as many as 18 but at the moment have 14 feline housemates – having lost four cats this year to old age and disease. They also have a human housemate – Hiro Furumoto.
The pussycat pad started out with the installation of catwalks in 1995 after Mr Cohen was inspired by Bob Walker’s book The Cat’s House, according to Zeezoey.
He admits he has spent between $40,000 and $50,000 on the catwalks alone.
No expense was spared for his feline friends – even though the alterations could technically have been done cheaper.
‘At a certain point there was not turning back. It was like, this is their house and we’re living here with them’ Mr Flores told Houzz TV.
Mr Flores, Mr Furumoto and Mr Cohen try to find one-on-one time to spend with the cats, who are rarely all in the same room together. Additionally, some prefer to be left alone.


Cats Teeth and How To Care For Them

How To Care For Your Cat’s Teeth for a more healthy life

It is thought that a large proportion of pets are in need of dental care without their owners realizing it. The mouth can show signs of many diseases and that’s why vets will check the mouth and gums as part of their routine. Look after your cats teeth.

A lot of dental disease is completely preventable. Regular toothbrushing is ideal, but diet can play a big role in keeping your cat’s teeth and gums in good order. Statistically, pets fed a dry food are less prone to dental disease than those fed on a wet food, and a number of dry foods are specifically designed to help with dental care.

Be aware of the signs of dental disease

Pain is of course a sign that something is wrong. However, cats don’t tend to show obvious signs that they are in pain and it is said to be particularly difficult to diagnose dental pain. The nerve supply to cats’ teeth is just as efficient as our own so there is no reason to suppose that they do not feel the same level of pain that we do with dental problems.

Brushing your cat’s teeth

Buy some pet toothpaste, never the human stuff, and a small cat finger brush or toothbrush. The latter has small rounded bristles that can help clean plaque and early stage calculus from the tooth and the gums.

First get your cat used to the toothpaste by putting a little onto his lips or gums. Then put a little paste onto a brush and move in a very gentle circular movement on the side of the teeth.

Do a little each day for a short time to allow your cat to get used to the sensation. Gradually increase the length of time you spend doing it — and the effectiveness of the cleaning — over a period of weeks. Don’t rush or do too much as it’ll put your cat off.
Here are some clues that your cat may be experiencing dental pain:

Here are some clues that your cat may be experiencing dental pain:

Doesnt want to play as usual
problems with eating or chewing
Clawing at the mouth
Pain on examination.
Signs of dental disease are:

Calculus/tartar build-up
Bad breath
Loose teeth
Pus discharge
Fur stainage.

cat litter

Which Cat Litter Should You Choose For Your Pet

Choose the right cat litter for your pet and you. here are some helpful reviews.

NATURAL & CLEAN    This cat litter is a fully natural alternative to clay based cat litters and so is fully biodegradable.This product can absorb upto 300% of its own weight in liquid removes unpleasant smells and not just masks them. It does not contain man made scents or binding chemicals clays and silica.The actual texture is soil like so making it a more natural surface for your cat. The cat litter clumps when used and can be purchased via Amazon, at Tesco and other retailers or direct from     www.naturalandclean.com
SOPHISTICAT BEAUTICAT    This particulat cat litter is 100% recycled soft wood, 100% organic, fully biodegradable. One superb feature is its absorbancy and top odour control. It is lightweight to carry when purchasing. It is economical and hygenic and can be purchased in bags ranging from 5L to 30L. This particular brand is available from Sainsburys, so is readily available to most households or from specialized pet shops.
BIO-CATOLET   This cat litter is made from recycled newspapers and is fully disposable. It cosistency is of pellets that are shiny and smooth to the cats paws and is very absorbent. Economically it is very good and there are no dust clouds when it is being spread onto a litter tray or when being replaced. It is antibacterial treated is very light to carry out of the shops and compared with 20 other cat litters it came out on top in the OKO TEST which is an European consumer review publication.

Buy your cat litter and trays here   http://www.onestoppetshop.co.uk/net_pets_shop

For more reviews on several other cat litter products please click on the following link and we hope this helps to choose a cat litter to suit both your household and of course your pet cat, or cats!