Unemployed Mother of 11 is Keeping a Horse

An unemployed mother-of-11 for whom a council is building a six-bedroom “eco mansion” is keeping her own horse despite being on benefits. Heather Frost, 36, bought a grey mare called Annie last year and pays paddock fees, food and vet’s bills monthly. According to stable workers the horse, which Miss Frost keeps for her 16-year-old daughter Angel, costs about £200 per month to keep. Miss Frost has refused to comment on the horse, but Angel wrote to a local newspaper  to defend [...]

pet pigs

Pigs as Pets, Its a Trend and Increasing

Over the last few years people have started buying pigs for pets, a trend which seams to have been generated by celebrities around the world. There are horror stories of little squealers turning into monstrous oversize battering rams and causing damage and havoc. In general, pigs are not suitable as pets, due to their very specific needs. It is strongly advised that  people do not to try to keep pigs, as it’s very difficult to care for them properly without a [...]

pet food bank

American Food Banks for Pets. Can it Happen in the UK?

  Imagine not being able to feed your pet, for a full day. How would you feel? If that one day turned into several would you put your pet up for adoption? That’s what many pet owners in the Snoqualmie Valley USA face daily. Caring for a dog or cat can become difficult when living on a meagre  income. Some people sacrifice their own medical and food needs to keep their pets eating. Others have to give up their loved ones because [...]