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tail docking

Tail Docking in Dogs as per the Kennel Club

The Kennel Clubs Information on Tail Docking

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, docking dogs tails was banned in England and Wales. However an exemption was put in place for Spaniels, Terriers and Hunt, Point and Retrieve breeds that are used as working dogs. Under the Regulations, a dog is officially a working dog if a vet has certified that it is likely to be used for work in connection with the following activities:
(1) Law Enforcement
(2) Activities of the armed force
(3) Emergency Rescue
(4) Lawful pest control
(5) Lawful shooting of animals.
Puppies of these breeds may be docked by a veterinary surgeon providing this is done within the first five days of being born, and that the owner (breeder) can prove that the puppies have been bred for working purposes i.e. they must be able to show the vet either a gun licence or a letter from a land occupier which verifies that the owner’s dogs work on his land. The pups must also be microchipped by a vet. Following both of these procedures, the vet must sign certificates to say that the puppies were both docked and microchipped as per the law.
Legally,tail docking dogs may not be shown at events to which members of the public are admitted and pay an entry fee. Docked dogs from overseas may also not be shown at events in England or Wales to which members of the public are admitted,if they were born after the date that the law came into force (April 6th 2007 in England and 28thMarch 2007 in Wales). However, dogs docked before April 6th2007 may continue to be shown at all events throughout their lives, as can all puppies born with naturally bobbed tails.
In Scotland, docking was banned completely in 2007. This means there is no exemption for working dogs to be docked. However there is no showing ban, meaning that legally docked dogs born in England, Wales or overseas, may be shown at ALL shows in Scotland.
In 2010, the Northern Ireland Assembly introduced the Welfare of Animals Act (NI) which banned the docking of dogs’ tails and includes an exemption for certified working dogs of the Spaniel, Terrier and Hunt Point Retrieve Breeds. The Kennel Club has strongly opposed the creation of an offence to enter a lawfully docked dog at any show at which the public pay an entrance fee.
The Kennel Club believes the showing ban on dogs which have had their tails amputated in the best interests of their welfare is unfair and unnecessary, and has lobbied strongly against this. However, it is obliged to follow Defra regulations. The Kennel Club’s main aim is to now work towards continuity in regards to the law between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Have you views on tail docking, let us know

taylor swift

Celebrity Pets and their Pampered Lives

Do celebrity pets like their lifestyle?

Lady Gaga’s pup Miss Asia Kinney
Lady Gaga’s lovely black French Bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney, has modelled in a Coach campaign, appeared in a television trailer and is even set to launch her own line of pet ware.
The 29-year-old singer announced news of the latter on the puppies personal Instagram account, posting a host of cuties snaps.
One featured Miss Asia posing with sketches and a mood board alongside a dish of sandwiches and dog biscuits with the caption: ‘I love to eat while I sketch my ideas for the fashionable puppy line I’m starting!’

Cara Delevigne’s bunny rabbit Cecil
Cara Delevigne’s adorable rabbit Cecil has his own Twitter account and Instagram page, where he has over 5,000 followers.
He frequently uses social media to report on his ‘madre’s’ gallivanting, often with first-hand experience as the 23-year-old model frequently takes him to VIP events in a little bunny carrier.
He hangs out with the supermodel and actress’s famous friends including his ‘aunties’ Cara’s sister Poppy Delevingne as well as popular singer and X Factor judge Rita Ora.
Cecil, though, nearly met his demise just two weeks after Cara first got him in May 2015.
He jumped down an air conditioning pipe after he was let loose in the offices of Mulberry, home of the designer handbag thingies.
Workmen had to remove a number of floor vents so the wayward pet could be rescued.
And thank goodness, as now the little bunny, who appears to have a penchant for Chanel, can go back to striking a pose with his model mum.

Taylor Swift’s career-driven cats
Pop singer Taylor Swift’s kittens appear to have ambitions beyond catching mice and honking up fur balls, as the 25-year-old singer has named them Dr Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson.
But for now the Scottish fold breeds are content spending their time mastering how to stand on two legs like a human and being ferried around in their personalised cat boxes to destinations all over the globe.
And when they’re not allowed to travel with her, Taylor takes a giant cardboard cut-out of them instead, yep, honest.
Although hugging this version of them is ‘not the same’ the star laments.
Both cats have Instagram accounts, with Meredith, the one with a dark grey and white coat, having 17.2k followers, and younger, cream and light-grey Olivia trailing behind with a ‘mousley’ 10.7k followers.

Celebrity pets, do you treat yours the same, let us know.


Drunken Wild Animals in Africa Funny Video

Happy hour on the African Plains

Animals in Africa get drunk for free by eating the ripe marula fruit. The fruit  ferments in their bellies and causes them to get intoxicated. Wait until the end of the video, and you can see they even get hung over too!

Drunken Wild  Animals, who would have thought it eh.

How many of you readers would to plant a couple of these in the garden?  That would save a lot of money by not going to the pub or downtown bar wouldnt it.

MIND-ALTERING BUZZES, whether from sweet fermenting fruit, magic mushrooms or coca leaves, have existed since the beginning of plant and animal life. Many species deliberately seek out intoxication and natural highs, and they know where to look to experience them. cant be bad as most will do it over and over again. WE humans learn our lesson the first time, but that does not stop us from doing it again.

“The capacity to enjoy alcohol or inebriation of any kind is not a unique product of humans,” says Professor Gisela Kaplan, an animal behaviour expert at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. “In fact it’s quite possible that humans discovered it because of animals.” Now who are the most intelligent creatures!?

It is sometimes claimed that thanks to our early observations of animal behaviour, we happened upon caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, and other medicinal substances in the wild. Tracing how different species relate and respond to these properties, by choice, obligation or need, is a fascinating area of study.

Drunken Wild  Animals


Duck Gets a Set of New Feet and Now Waddles

Duck can now swim and waddle thanks to 3D printing

A duck unusually named “Phillip” in Wisconsin, who lost both of his feet due to frostbite, has received some much-needed help when a middle school technology teacher and pupils used a 3-D printer to make him new feet. This reported on the 18th April 2016.

A duck that lost both its paddling feet to frostbite is waddling again thanks to a Wisconsin middle school teacher and a 3-D printer.
Vicki Rabe-Harrison rescued Phillip the duck and, after watching a video of a 3-D printer online, turned to South Park Middle School teacher Jason Jischke in Oshkosh for help in solving Phillips major problem. All ducks need to swim don’t they?

Rabe-Harrison told Green Bay television station WBAY she assessed Phillip’s quality of life and was planning to put him to permanent sleep when Jischke called to say he and his students were working on the project. It took them six weeks of trial and error, sweat and tears, well almost, to get the prosthetic feet just right for Phill.
Phillip was a bit wobbly, possibly even a lot wobbly, when he first road tested, or should that be water tested, his new feet, but he has now joined other birds and animals at a sanctuary in Cedarburg, 20 miles north of Milwaukee.

It just shows how determination and technology can make a huge difference to humans and animals alike.D