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Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1

Pets – Wild at Heart on BBC1 Wednesday 21st January 2015.   The production team responsible for bringing us  Penguins – Spy in the Huddle now show us the incredible secrets of our pets’ behaviour in ways we have never seen before. Totally astonishing photography explores the wilder side of our domestic pets, and delves into why hamsters

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The Rarest Dog in the World

The Rarest Dog in the World, The New Guinea Singing Wild Dog. The New Guinea singing dog is probably the rarest dog in the world. (also known as the New Guinea dingo, Hallstrom dog, bush dingo, New Guinea wild dog, and singer) A wild dog once found everywhere in New Guinea. New Guinea singing dogs

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bluey the budgie

The Budgie who mimics R2-D2 from Star Wars

Read about the budgie who mimics R2-D2 from Star Wars Bluey the Budgie can talk like R2-D2, the little robot from George Lucas’ Star Wars movies like a pro impersonator. The native Australian parakeet is also blue and white, the same colour as the droid, who incidentally had the actor Kenny Baker inside him operating

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Dog Abandoned with a Suitcase at Train Station

Dog Abandoned with a Suitcase at Train Station Dog lovers from around the world and as far away as the Philippines have offered to re-house a pet dog who was found abandoned at a train station tethered to his own suitcase. Kai is a Shar-Pei crossbreed and is now the most popular dog in the

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Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity

Last Chance Animal Rescue Charity Rescue dogs often have to find new homes and familys even though it is not their fault. Family deaths, seperations, or lack of training in their original homes are often common causes also. The staff at Last Chance Animal Rescue will tell you all about the dog that you are interested

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christmas for pets

Keeping Pets Safe at Christmas

Keeping pets safe at Christmas is your responsibility Keeping pets safe at Christmas should be your priority Keeping pets safe at Christmas – because you love them Pets are a big part of Christmas for many households but it is essential that we think about them over the holidays. Christmas time can be weird for

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Christmas Turkey Top 10 Tips for Rearing Your Own

Talking Turkey – Top Ten Facts for rearing your own Christmas Turkey 1. You can get any colour turkey you like – as long as it’s black. White birds are not suitable for the outdoor life, and they are less active. 2. Formulated ‘turkey grower’ pellets cost between £10 and £15 a bag. You can

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bob the street cat

Bob the Street Cat, His Story

BOB THE STREET CAT. It started early in 2007 when James Bowen, who was on a methodone programme, busked in Covent Garden and lived in sheltered housing, he returned home one evening and found a ginger moggie in the building he lived in. He thought it belonged to one of the other flats, but next

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lions tigers argentina

Controversial Argentinian Zoo, Pet a Tiger, Lion

Controversial Argentinian Zoo, Pet a Tiger, a Lion and survive the experience. Controversy surrounds a zoo at Argentinas Lujan Zoo. Some of the biggest predators on earth are coming face to face with us humans and extremely close unprotected interaction. Visitors can pet a tiger, lions and without the fear of being seriously mauled aor

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Flying Rods, Skyfish, Mysterious Unknown Creatures

What are flying rods? Skyfish, Rods, Flying Rods, call them as you please but these are a mystery phenomenon. The are flying strips or rods, creatures that have been caught on film and only seen when replayed in slowmo. People take innocent pictures and videos only to see later what they have captiured on film.

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