dog bed

Which Dog Bed For Your Pet This Christmas?

Its got to be a VioVet Chunky Cord Lounger Dog Bed Similar to our original design, but chunkier. Thick, super soft cord covers the inside of these doggy beds, making them just right for the winter months and incredibly inviting. A traditional and functional bed that can deal with things from moulting, to muddy paws and accidents! When one side of the cushion is damp or dirty, turn it over, so they can bed down, dry and warm. Dried dirt can be brushed or [...]

minature schnauzer

Are Miniature Schnauzers Good Family Dogs?

Temperament Miniature Schnauzers are friendly and fun-loving dogs. They are very playful and love attention. They enjoy regular activity and moderate exercise which are good outlets for their energy. As very intelligent dogs, they can be stubborn but are also loving loyal pets. Size As the smallest Schnauzer breed, their size makes them good as a family pet. They are generally large enough to play with kids and other family members without being overpowering. Good with Kids? Miniature Schnauzers are mainly friendly with children of all ages. [...]

pet theft

Pet Theft Law, MPs Debate Change Amid Growing Number of Missing Pets.

MPs debate pet theft law change amid growing number of missing pets…. Pet theft reform has become urgent following lockdown when increased numbers of animals were stolen MPs have been told. They were debating two petitions, signed by around 300,000 members of the public, asking the government to make this a specific offence. An Ipswich MP Tom Hunt also said pets have been taken at a time when people need them the most. The government said it was keen to act upon. Opening the [...]


WIN a Years Supply of Healthy Dentastix For Your Dog

Free Competition Doggy  oral hygiene is as important as ours. Dogs use their mouth for everything, having healthy teeth and gums is essential for them. With the help of vets and nutritionists , Pedigree has developed a range of tasty dog chews that reduce plaque and tartar build-up. DentaStix dog chews are scientifically proven to reduce tartar build up by up to 80% when fed daily The combination of special chewy texture and active ingredients is what makes Pedigree DentaStix dog chews work Dental Dog [...]


Zoos and Keeping Animals for Entertainment

Animals in zoos Is it wrong to keep animals in these places? The animal rights answer It is wrong if animals have rights because: it regards the animal as a means to achieve some human end it does not treat the animals with the respect they are due it contravines the animal’s right to live in natural freedom The animal welfare answer From a welfare point of view it is not right to keep an animal in a zoo if it has a lower standard of life than [...]


Burns Introduce a Club to Support Puppy Owners

Burns launches club to support puppy owners There has been a boom in puppy ownership over the last six-months so Burns Pet Nutrition has launched an exclusive membership scheme for the new puppy owners. The company, which specialises in ‘natural pet food with no nasties’, has launched ‘Puppy Club’ to help new puppy owners learn the ropes with advice, support and food supplies they need to make certain their pups get the best start. For a one-off cost of less than £10, [...]

missing pets

Dog Gone Missing? Here is What You Should Do.

Dog Missing, Here is What You Should Do. When your family dog or cat goes missing from home, it will be a traumatic experience for both all of you. Below are some tips that will increase the chances of your pet being found.. Firstly, contact local animal shelters and animal rescue organisations. You can file a lost pet report with all shelters in a 60-mile radius of your home and call in at the nearest shelters daily, if at all possible. Your local [...]

cat litter box

Free Competition. Win a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Win a self-cleaning cat litter box You’re pet can have a better potty. This scoop free self-cleaning litter box will keep your cat happy with a fresh box without regular scooping. The Pet Loo portable indoor or outdoor toilet for cats , dogs,  and small pets is a handy alternative to pee pads, litter boxes and midnight bathroom breaks. Seen on ITV’s This Morning show. It’s the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays, giving hands off convenience and [...]


Save Bees and Pollinators, Sow Wild Flower Seeds

Pollinators provide us with every third mouthful we eat. They’re also vital for the survival of other wild plants that support so much of our wildlife. What do pollinators do for us Most of us think of bees in relation to pollination, yet insect pollinators are an incredibly diverse group. Honeybees are usually kept in hives, and are likely responsible for pollinating between 5-15% of the UK’s pollinated crops. That leaves 85-95% of the UK’s insect-pollinated crops relying on wild pollinators. [...]