Pet News

Pet Rabbits, Their Needs and Requirements

Thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet, here is some vital info. Or perhaps you already have one, or more. Either way you are one of the millions of pet owners who think of rabbits as ideal pets. This is not surprising as they are endearing, affectionate animals that easily sway us with their

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Funny Pussy Cats Video, Watch and Laugh

Funny Cats Video, Watch and Laugh at Their Antics

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cat litter

Cat Litter, New Product to Last 30 Days

NEW 30 DAY CAT LITTER You love your cats, but let’s face it you don’t want your home to smell like a litter box. 30 Day Super-Absorbent Litter from Simple Solution is unlike any cat litter you’ve ever used before. It’s a new kind of cat litter. It doesn’t mask the odor; its powerful odor

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overweight dog

Overweight Dog, Help Yours to Live Longer

How to Help Your Overweight Dog Lose Weight Want to know a simple secret that can help your overweight dog lose weight? And live longer, too? To work every weight loss plan must be based upon one simple principle… Dogs that consume fewer calories than they burn lose weight Simple, right? if it was that

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Parasites in Your Dog or Puppy

Have your Dog or Puppy Checked for Parasites Regularly. Checking your dog on a regular basis for intestinal parasites is one of the less appealing aspects of having a dog but a necessary. It’s a dirty job, but it is an important step in keeping your dog or puppy healthy. What to look for There

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dog bath

How to Bathe Your Dog and Make it Fun

Bathe Your Dog and Make it Fun from Being a Puppy. Dogs love being dirty and smelly, and many aren’t afraid to put up a fight if they think that it will help them get out of bath time. It is always portrayed as fun but in reality when your dog is wrestling and clawing

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raw chicken

Raw Chicken, Can my Cat be Given it?

Is it OK to feed my cat raw chicken? Here are some personal opinions from cat owners. Yes you can. So long as you’re sure that it’s not spoiled. In fact, raw would be better because the nutrients won’t be cooked out of it. My vet told me to feed my cat cooked chicken as she

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Lambs Shot Dead on South Yorkshire Farm

Farmer finds 8 of his new lambs shot. Six spring lambs have been found shot dead on the 22nd March 2016 after they were apparently used as target practice by yobs on the outskirts of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Two other lambs have been seriously wounded. Farmer Tom Brooke called the police after he discovered six

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Dog Beds, Make Your Own, Save Cash

How to make your own dog beds and save a load of money. Beds provide insulation, and support for us humans backs and joints, warmth, and a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of his own, he feels all this too. When pet owners ask what items they need to purchase for their pet,

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The Wren: Britains Most Common Wild Bird

The Wren: Now that’s a surprise isn’t it? Ask the person in the street to name Britain’s most common bird and they’ll probably pick the Feral Pigeon. This is understandable, as for most people, the flocks of pigeons that inhabit the UK’s towns and cities are the birds they see all the time. However, research suggests

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