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Drunken Wild Animals in Africa Funny Video

Happy hour on the African Plains Animals in Africa get drunk for free by eating the ripe marula fruit. The fruit  ferments in their bellies and causes them to get intoxicated. Wait until the end of the video, and you can see they even get hung over too! Drunken Wild  Animals, who would have thought

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Duck Gets a Set of New Feet and Now Waddles

Duck can now swim and waddle thanks to 3D printing A duck unusually named “Phillip” in Wisconsin, who lost both of his feet due to frostbite, has received some much-needed help when a middle school technology teacher and pupils used a 3-D printer to make him new feet. This reported on the 18th April 2016.

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house training

House Training Dogs – A Solution To Toileting

House Training For Older Dogs Question Dear Dog Expert: We have friends who are having major difficulties with their dog…not sure why they are telling me this now but they took Diego in, who was a stray, some years ago and he pees everywhere. They have to take up their carpets and replace the curtains

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FREE Competition – Win a Mikki Dog Grooming Kit

Free Competition – Win a Mikki dog grooming kit for great results. This week we have teamed up with Mikki for a free competition to give away two dog grooming kits – one for a small and the other for a large dog. Mikki offer trade quality grooming tools to the pet dog owner, making

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healthy cat

Cat Health – Keeping Them in Prime Condition

Cat Health – help them stay in Purrrfect condition Cats are very agile and active pets, when they are not napping that is, known for their curiosity. For this reason, many people find they are easily humoured by the feline species’ innate sense of independence, and enjoy spending time with these furry little creatures with

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Chimpanzees and Paul Daniels Perform Magic

A chimpanzees tea party with magician Paul Daniels. Way back in the 1950’s the antics of the chimpanzees, dressed in human clothes, drinking from cups and eating jam sandwiches, caused a sensation with the British public. An advertising exec. had an idea. Why not go a stage further and use their obvious ability to mimic

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Dog Grooming Video and Tips to Assist

How to groom your dog and the tools required. Regular dog grooming is very important for your doggy friend. Not only does it keep dogs’ coats clean and manageable, it also enables you to do a quick health check to ensure your pet stays in great condition. Professional groomer Mark Davies gives an introduction to

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pet music

Pets, Do They Understand What Music Is?

Does you pet prefer classical or pop music, or is it all irrelevant anyway? Many pet owners leave their home radios playing all day for the listening pleasure of their dogs and cats. Station choices vary. “We have a very human tendency to project onto our pets and assume that they will like what we

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Polio Eradication the World Over

Eradicating the Disease Forever A few years ago Smallpox disappeared from our planet by a combined effort to eradicate it forever, now Polio is heading the same way. This disease was  feared throughout the world, striking suddenly and usually paralysing children for life. WHO is a partner in the Global Eradication Initiative, which has reduced polio by

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pet chickens

Keeping Pet Chickens – An Introduction

A few tips to start your own pet chickens. If you give a good life to them, pet chickens are great characters and keeping them can teach children (and some adults!) all manner of life skills, including understanding where food comes from and respect for other creatures. Hens make excellent pets. They are more interesting

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