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Pet Gifts For Christmas, What to Buy for Yours

Pet Gifts For Christmas

Fantastic Christmas presents for cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs (and other small animals too!), all brought to you by One Stop Pet Shop at guaranteed cheapest prices with rapid UK delivery

Pets deserve treats at Christmas too, so we have assembled a great range of christmas gifts ideas for dogs and cats, or anything that is your beloved pet.

Besides Christmas gifts we also have extensive must have and essential items for pets for their wellbeing, playtime and cuddles etc.

Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Reptiles, Fish, Horses, and many more.

Pop over to our SHOP page and browse through, more items and categories are being added daily.

pet competition

Free Pet Competition Win a Dog Duvet and Dog Bed

They are giving one lucky follower the chance to WIN a Lumberjack Box duvet and a Boot Bed. All you have to do is LIKE & COMMENT on their Facebook post with a picture of your dog.
Don’t forget to SHARE so your friends and family can enter too

Closes 30th September



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dog quiz

Dog Quiz. How Good is Your General Knowledge on Canines


Humans have lived with dogs for thousands of years, but just how well do you know our canine companions? Test your knowledge of man’s best friend!

20 Doggy Questions
1. How many teeth in a normal adult dog?

A) 24
B) 38
C) 42
D) 32

2. From which part of the body do dogs sweat?

A) Mouth
B) Ears
C) Nose
D) Paws

3. True or False: Dogs can only see in black and white.

4. What is the most common training command taught to dogs?

A) Stay
B) Beg
C) Sit
D) Dance

5. Which is the most highly developed sense?

A) Taste
B) Smell
C) Sight
D) Touch

6. Puppies are delivered how many weeks pregnancy?

A) 36
B) 22
C) 9
D) 16

7. What is the favorite dog breed of the Queen of England?

A) Corgi
B) Basenji
C) Poodle
D) Pomeranian

8. Which TV series had a dog named K9 who was also a robot?

A) Full House
B) Star Trek
C) Doctor Who
D) Law & Order

9. Which is the smallest dog breed?

A) Dachshund
B) Shih tzu
C) Pomeranian
D) Chihuahua

10. Which breed was once known as St. John’s Newfoundland?

A) Newfoundland
B) Golden retriever
C) Labrador
D) Puli

11. Which dog breed has a black tongue?

A) Husky
B) Labrador
C) Weimaraner
D) Chow chow

12. The first dogs registered in the American Kennel Club belonged to what genre?

A) Herding
B) Sporting
C) Working
D) Hound

13. Which dog yodels instead of barks?

A) Komondor
B) Otterhound
C) Basenji
D) Basset hound

14. True or False: Dalmatians are born with spots.

15. What breed of dog is the smallest hunting dog?

A) Chihuahua
B) Miniature dachshund
C) Toy poodle
D) Smooth fox terrier

16. What is the name of the dog on the front of the Cracker Jack box?

A) Jack
B) Max
C) Bingo
D) Fido

17. How old was the world’s oldest dog, an Australian cattle hound named Bluey, in human years?

A) 32
B) 27
C) 30
D) 29

18. What was the most popular dog name of 2011, according to VPI Pet Insurance?

A) Lucy
B) Bailey
C) Bella
D) Max

19. True or False: It is cheaper to spay or neuter a dog than it is to raise a litter of puppies for one year.

20. What is the most popular breed of dog, according to the American Kennel Club’s registrations?

A) Golden retriever
B) Beagle
C) German shepherd
D) Labrador

All dog quiz answers can be found here.

Let us know in the comments how many points you scored in this dog quiz – and be honest!!

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Hedgehogs, A declining Species. Give Them an Igloo Shelter

Hedgehogs are on the decline in the UK

The Igloo Hedgehog House gives hedgehogs and other small mammals a safe refuge from the many hazards they face on a daily basis such as gardening tools ie strimmers, forks, spades, also domestic pets and other predators like badgers and foxes.
It is also much safer than piles of leaves, compost heaps and bonfire piles.
Comprising of a round painted steel frame with a water-proofed roof it is covered with a brush wood finish decorated with withy bands and camouflaged with moss trim. Made from natural materials – appearance can vary due to seasonal availability.

The Hedgehog Igloo is roomy inside and can accommodate family groups such as mother and her hoglets.

Able to contain both a feeding bowl and water dish this shelter can also be used as a covered feeding station.

It has a small entrance tunnel designed to deter predators. The Igloo is designed for shelter but can be used for hibernation if additional brushwood cover is provided over the Igloo in winter.

Place under a hedge, large shrub or similar concealed place, out of the cold wind with leaves or foliage around the house for further camouflage. Put in some dry grass or leaves as nesting material. Can be anchored down for extra security.

Hedgehogs are on the decline in Britain due to various reasons and factors. Help our natural wildlife to survive.

Let us know if you have any success with providing shelter for these creatures.

Dimensions H 220mm W 590mm L 530mm

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Win a Pet Snuffle Mat for You and a Charity

WIN for yourself and pet and a charity


They are giving away 2 Snuffle Mats; 1 to the lucky winner and 1 to their chosen animal charity. All you have to do to enter is:

1. Like the Pet Snuffle Mat East Midlands page
2. Tagging a friend in the comments who would also like to win a mat would be great
3. Tell us which charity you’re choosing & why

The competition closes when the page reaches 1000 likes and remember sharing is caring


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