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tail docking

Tail Docking, Weird Reasons Why its Done

Tail Docking, Weird Reasons Why its Started. Tail docking is the practice of removing a dog’s tail without anesthesia when it is a puppy. It is a procedure that has been restricted or banned in many parts of the globe, but is still popular in The US and Canada. The first recorded incidence of tail

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Foraging for Mushrooms, an APP to Help You identify Them

Ever fancied foraging for wild mushrooms to add to a meal or a salad but never done so because of the risk of picking the wrong variety and getting seriously ill. Well this may be the answer, an APP for identifying mushrooms whilst foraging in fields and forests. Mushroom Id Mushroom Id is a field

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moving house

Moving House with a Pet Dog. Top Tips for a Stressless Day

Moving House with a Dog Moving house is an exciting time, busy, chaotic, stressful. If you have a dog you have even more to consider. Our dogs are more than pets. It’s such a cliché to say they are part of the family but, its true. We need to consider dogs and their needs when

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dog obedience

Dog Obedience, Teaching Your Pet Dog Basic Commands

Teach Your Dog Obedience and Commands Here are the basics commands dogs should be taught for dog obedience Sit Down Stay Come Walking on leash How to teach. 1. Be consistent. Use the same cue for the same command each time. If you use “come” one week, “come here” the next, and “come here, girl”

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White Peacocks do Exist, a Splendour to Behold, Read on.

White Peacocks are more common than you might think. The Indian blue peacock is known for the male’s impressive tail of brilliant colours. Peacock refers to the male, while the females are peahens. Peafowl originated in and around India and Ceylon but when the British Empire conquered India, they spread peafowl all over Europe and

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healthy cats

Healthy Cats: Give Your Cat the Food of Love They Need

Healthy cats need the correct food. Cats are known as an obligate carnivore. They needs meat and fish, flesh and bone. Cats are NOT vegetarian, It cannot be stressed enough. Your cat needs meat, and feeding her anything else is almost animal cruelty. If a cats does not get the majority of their nutrition from

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pet photos

Pet Photography – Some Simple Tips for Better Photos

Pet Photography – Achieving better results If you’re a budding photographer, there’s a strong chance that your pets and those of your friends and family have become a source of inspiration and the subjects of countless experimental photo shoots. Since animals are very unpredictable and can’t be directed in the same way humans can, getting great

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Cat Sounds and Their Interpretations and Meanings

Cat sounds and what they mean All cats make noises — from meows and purrs to hisses and growls — but some cats are more vocal than others. Cats communicate with meows, chirrups, hisses, purrs, chatters and growls, but the onomatopoeic meow is the most used. MEOWS Kittens will meow to their mums, but as

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Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden, Help them Survive

Attracting Hedgehogs to your garden First, Make sure they have access!! The best thing is hedges, rather than fences for privacy. Hedging is an good habitat for garden wildlife. Evergreen hedges such as holly not only provide year round colour but their berries provide a much needed source of winter food for garden birds. You

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adopting a cat

Adopting a Cat, Things to Consider Before and After

Adopting a cat. When adopting a cat, you will be getting an animal with an established routine and personality. Cats from good rehoming charities will have had a complete medical check-up, and be neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas, wormed and microchipped. It will be costing you less on those expensive early years in a kitten’s

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