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pet photos

Pet Photography – Some Simple Tips for Better Photos

Pet Photography – Achieving better results If you’re a budding photographer, there’s a strong chance that your pets and those of your friends and family have become a source of inspiration and the subjects of countless experimental photo shoots. Since animals are very unpredictable and can’t be directed in the same way humans can, getting great

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Cat Sounds and Their Interpretations and Meanings

Cat sounds and what they mean All cats make noises — from meows and purrs to hisses and growls — but some cats are more vocal than others. Cats communicate with meows, chirrups, hisses, purrs, chatters and growls, but the onomatopoeic meow is the most used. MEOWS Kittens will meow to their mums, but as

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Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden, Help them Survive

Attracting Hedgehogs to your garden First, Make sure they have access!! The best thing is hedges, rather than fences for privacy. Hedging is an good habitat for garden wildlife. Evergreen hedges such as holly not only provide year round colour but their berries provide a much needed source of winter food for garden birds. You

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adopting a cat

Adopting a Cat, Things to Consider Before and After

Adopting a cat. When adopting a cat, you will be getting an animal with an established routine and personality. Cats from good rehoming charities will have had a complete medical check-up, and be neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas, wormed and microchipped. It will be costing you less on those expensive early years in a kitten’s

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dog toys

Dog Toys, Tips for Choosing the Best for Your Dog

Dog Toys, read about how to choose them. One of the great things about owning a dog is how much they play, and choosing the best dog toys is an important part of their life. Whether you’re playing a game of fetch or watching him roll around to entertain himself, toys are an important part

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The Highest Cliffs in England are in Devon

Hangman cliffs, the highest cliffs in England consisting of Great Hangman and Little Hangman are situated near Combe Martin on the north coast of Devon. Great Hangman is 1,043 feet (318 m) high with a cliff face of 800 feet (244 m). It is the highest sea cliff in England and the highest point on

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Noel Fitzpatrick Animal Supervet is on a UK Tour 2016

The Supervet is on tour. Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick is one of England’s top veterinarians. “Super Vet” shows Noel and his staff treating hard-to-cure ailments with innovative care and surgical methods. The program gives the often-emotional stories of pets, owners and the passionate team that pushes boundaries of medicine to save animals from life-threatening illnesses. Nicknamed

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Pet Snakes for Children and Beginners

Snakes as Pets, a simple guide to choosing Corn Snakes DESCRIPTION: This species is reasonably small with an average length of 24 to 72 inches. They are usually orange or dark yellow in colour and usually have black edged red blotches down their backs. Their bellies have a checkerboard-like of black and white marks. Corn

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butterfly house

Tropical Butterfly House Near Sheffield S Yorks.

Tropical Butterfly House Experience Animal Encounters, VIP Experiences, Parties, Schools & Groups Meet the mini exotic animals and meerkats, butterflies, birds and wildlife from around the world… A timetable is supplied when you enter the park to tell you when feeding time is and the animal shows, and you’ll see signs and event schedules around

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dog theft

Dog Theft Action Charity and its Aims

Dog Theft Action provides information to the public about dog theft. We are primarily concerned with getting essential information to victims of dog theft so to assist them with their search for a missing or stolen pet, but we also aim to offer general guidance on responsible dog ownership and canine welfare. Mission Statement To

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