Watch Funny Cats Stalking in this Hilarious Video

Watch Funny Cats Stalking in this Hilarious Video

Funny cats, trying to sneak up unnoticed. These cute and funny cats are too much!

Why Do Cats Stalk?

Your pussy cat is staring intently at something in the distance. He stoops down, his tail swishing back and forth ever-so-gently. Then he lifts, just a bit, and stalks forward in his lowered position.

The answer to why cats stalk things is a pretty simple one really: it’s just part of being a cat. Fish swim, birds fly, and cats stalk. They weren’t always house cats after all but wild. helping them to survive. Here are some interesting things about cat-stalking behaviour: dont forget to watch the funny cats video.

Cats stalk as part of their hunting regime. Stealthily tracking prey is a part step in a cat’s pursuit of food, and they are masters at it.
With their silent gait, laser-like focus, keen senses, and flexible body structure, cats are natural stalkers.
All cats have the basic drive and skills to stalk and hunt, but they learn the nuances of its art from their mothers whilst in the kitten stage.

In their well-appointed indoor homes, with food bowls and attentive humans, cats no longer need to hunt for their meals, but they still have a strong urge to stalk and pounce on prey-like objects. If this urge isn’t satisfied, cats may become depressed, frustrated, or lethargic. Or they may set their sights—and claws—on human body parts to fulfill their innate desire to stalk. You may find that you’re unable to walk through your home without having your ankles attacked by a furious feline ball of fur.

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